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Amplify Partner Adoption

The single biggest hurdle in partner adoption efforts is overcoming partners’ limited time and marketing resources. With StructuredWeb you can overcome the hurdle, engaging more partners with less effort.

  • Maximize partner adoption rates with full-service tools
  • Direct communication builds brand awareness and conveys your value proposition
  • Gain visibility into who is participating and when
  • Lead scoring allows you to focus your efforts
  • Automation lowers the cost of adoption marketing
Creative Services

High-quality creative talent is outside the expertise (and budget) of most organizations. StructuredWeb simplifies and streamlines campaign development (copywriting, design & deployment) with the creative resources and tools to make the materials your own.

  • Generate quality lead-gen materials using our resources
  • Bring your marketing providers together under one platform
  • We provide the creative and design tools — you decide who uses them
  • StructuredWeb can do the work, or empower you or an external agency
  • The result: you’re able to create, customize, and deploy high-quality partner marketing materials with ease
Channel Marketing Consulting

It's often difficult to know where to start, what to do and where to expend your efforts for the most gain. StructuredWeb provides strategic advice to build and scale your channel marketing operations. We can even help you implement best marketing practices so you can optimize resources and increase your ROI.

  • Gain strategic insight and advice from channel marketing specialists
  • Understand where to invest your resources for the fastest ROI
  • Learn new sales enablement and digital marketing strategies that work
  • Access to channel marketing best practices that boost performance
  • Understand where and how to optimize limited resources
Marketing Concierge Services

Rapid attrition rates and low adoption rates stem from limitations on partners’ time and resources, along with the lure of competition. StructuredWeb’s Marketing Concierge Service allows you to offer unparalleled, personalized partner marketing support — increasing revenue opportunities for both you and your partners.

  • Provide full-service marketing support, including campaign planning, content customization, lead management, and campaign analysis
  • Agency-agnostic platform means you can use your own agency, one of our affiliates, or StructuredWeb Concierge Specialists
  • Comprehensive marketing service offering frees partners’ time and resources
Telemarketing & Lead Qualification

Telemarketing and lead qualification remain foundational for generating the highest conversion rates. StructuredWeb integrates these elements into the same end-to-end platform you already rely on for further nurturing, qualification and the strategic pass to the partner.

  • Qualified leads generated from StructuredWeb campaigns enter nurture marketing programs or go straight to your partners
  • Seamless, integrated process from lead gen to structured nurture marketing campaigns
  • Deliver qualified leads to partners at precisely the right moment.
  • Integrate your own third-party telemarketing efforts into the same marketing platform as your other activities
  • Track each step with full visibility into lead qualification activities
Support & Training

Always-on support and training provides the answers you need, when you need them. StructuredWeb provides customers and partners with industry-leading support and training resources every step of the way.

  • Online support center
  • Experienced team of channel marketing advisors
  • Tutorial videos and webinar series
  • Live phone support in multiple languages
  • Online chat
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