Do Channel Email Better with ChannelGPT

Date: May 25, 2023
Author: Steven Kellam

This blog kicks off a series on the pain points and use-case solutions vendors and partners can look forward to with StructuredWeb’s ChannelGPT – the first wholly dedicated Generative AI platform built for the Channel.

Emails. We draft them all of the time, so why does this simple communication tool continue to stop vendors and partners in their tracks? It’s because as simple as emails seem, they require personalization, product knowledge, the right messaging tone, correct audience identification, a compelling call-to-action and more. All of this can take time and resources that many channel organizations just don’t have or haven’t perfected.

There’s no ignoring it, email marketing remains a critical channel for vendors and their partners to engage with customers effectively. This is exactly why StructuredWeb, a leading provider of enterprise through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) solutions, has introduced ChannelGPT, a revolutionary generative AI tool integrated into their TCMA platform. ChannelGPT empowers vendors and partners to transform their email marketing efforts by simplifying content creation, customization, and distribution. In this blog post, we will explore how ChannelGPT can help vendors and their partners enhance their email campaigns.

Tailored Content for Partners:

ChannelGPT enables vendors to effortlessly upload their general sales, marketing, and product content, which the system learns and utilizes to generate a wide range of marketing assets for their partners. When partners log in, they can input their unique business value propositions and requirements, and ChannelGPT will generate bespoke marketing assets perfectly aligned with their marketing and go-to-market needs. This tailored approach ensures higher engagement and relevance in email marketing, as partners receive customized emails that take into account their unique value propositions and target markets.

Time and Cost Savings:

One of the most significant benefits of ChannelGPT is the time and cost savings it offers. By automating the content creation process, ChannelGPT eliminates the need to manually create each and every email for each and every recipient. Vendors can focus on training the system with their content, allowing them to generate relevant and customized emails for their specific partner audience quickly and efficiently. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable time but also reduces costs associated with content creation, enabling vendors to allocate their resources more effectively.

Additionally, for self-serve partners AI-powered channel tools can help them craft tailored emails in minutes instead of spending hours trying to draft personalized messages without knowing where to start. For these partners, vendors and also managed partners, ChannelGPT saves time and resources that can be used elsewhere – selling product!

Consistent Messaging and Branding:

Maintaining consistent messaging and branding is crucial for establishing a strong and recognizable brand image. ChannelGPT helps vendors achieve this by generating emails that adhere to predefined brand guidelines and messaging standards. Whether it’s the language, messaging tone or the mentions of products and promotions, ChannelGPT ensures that partners deliver a cohesive and professional brand experience to their customers. Consistency in messaging and branding boosts brand trust and loyalty, ultimately driving better results from email marketing campaigns.


ChannelGPT provides vendors with the ability to efficiently create emails for a large number of partners that actually feel personal – like they were written by hand just for that particular person. As vendors expand their partner networks, scaling content creation can become a challenge. However, ChannelGPT simplifies this process by generating customized content that meets the specific needs of each partner. This scalability ensures that partners receive tailored email assets that resonate with their unique audience, leading to more effective email marketing campaigns at a larger scale.

Enhanced Messaging and Differentiation:

In a competitive marketplace, effectively communicating a partner’s unique value proposition and product benefits is essential. ChannelGPT enables partners to generate personalized email content – down to the tone of a particular region where a partner is located. Partners can leverage the tool to craft email messages that effectively differentiate them from their competitors – automating the hyper-personalization of channel marketing assets and connecting more effectively with their target audience.

Supercharging Emails with ChannelGPT

StructuredWeb’s ChannelGPT revolutionizes the way vendors and their partners approach email marketing. By leveraging generative AI technology, vendors can provide their partners with tailored and impactful email campaigns. ChannelGPT’s capabilities, such as tailored content generation, time and cost savings, consistent messaging and branding, scalability, and enhanced messaging and differentiation, empower vendors and partners to optimize their email marketing efforts. With ChannelGPT, email campaigns become more efficient, personalized, and engaging, resulting in improved customer connections and business growth.