Channel Content Creation: From Prompts to Automation with EditAI

Date: August 23, 2023
Author: Christopher Spann

We live in an age of content saturation. With information at our fingertips, crafting messages that resonate has never been more challenging. AI tools promise an effective solution, offering automated assistance for the sometimes complex, and often time-consuming, task of content creation. The complexity is taken to the next level when it comes to the channel. Creating collateral like ebooks, emails, landing pages, social posts, etc. requires collaboration between copywriters, designers and content administrators. Then you have to factor in customization for multiple verticals – each with their own messaging and processes. Need it all translated into a variety of languages? You’re looking at weeks of work – not minutes.

The Problem With Prompts

Anyone’s first experience with ChatGPT or the like is much like navigating a new city without a map. Learning (and mastering) prompts can serve as a compass – guiding the direction of the AI’s responses. The process, while innovative, isn’t devoid of a learning curve. While the beauty of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT lies in its adaptability, the effectiveness and usefulness of its responses heavily rely on continuous tweaking and input. Hence the importance of good prompts. But, what if we could have AI generate content for us without needing to write a prompt. Enter EditAI, StructuredWeb’s pioneering generative AI solution built with the channel in mind.

Automated Channel Content Without All the Prompting

With EditAI, the laborious task of formulating prompts are now made obsolete. Instead, background algorithms work tirelessly to refine content without incessant user input. The magic is in the automation, providing a finesse to content refinement and personalization that just wasn’t available to channel marketers until now. Let’s say that we need to create eight emails, in eight languages, to send to customers that serve eight different vertical industries. That’s 512 individual emails that need to be created. An undertaking that would’ve required multiple people and days (possibly weeks) of work, can now be condensed into minutes – saving precious resources and human capital. With EditAI, channel marketers are able to take those eight emails and customize the content on a granular level to partners in those eight very distinct verticals – translating them perfectly in real-time.

Create, Customize and Convey with EditAI

EditAI stands out in its efficiency, precision, and transformative user experience – bridging the gap between ideation and execution. In our digital age, where information is everywhere and attention and resources are scarce, the tools we use to create and customize content hold immense value. Traditional methods often grapple with time constraints, especially when diversified across platforms, industries and languages. The evolution from ChatGPTs prompts, to the power of StructuredWeb’s EditAI content generation engine, signifies a profound leap that benefits both vendors and partners alike. Channel marketer, now armed with advanced AI solutions, can achieve unprecedented efficiency and adaptability, using less time and resources. The future of channel content creation and personalization is not just about working harder, but smarter. With tools like EditAI, the channel now has more control over how messages are crafted, customized and conveyed to their partners and beyond.